Which style of electronic music would you like to see made into a full course? 

Watch the video with the audio samples and then use the form below to make your choice.

Which Track Preference?


January 16, 2018

6 responses on "What Style of EDM Do You Prefer for a Course?"

  1. Make the track 1 please
    My Style lol

  2. I know it’s silly but…how would you name these styles? All the best!

    • I can totally relate there are so many genres right now I don’t even know what to call half the music out there anymore. But I would say the first track is “EDM” and the 2nd would be progressive house. But again different people will call them different things.

  3. Fuad Murad, you always surprise us with your teaching technics and style. Definitely I would go for the first track. like you said it, with so many genres on the scene. Let’s call it EDM track. Great sound by the way. Everything sounds on point. Can’t wait till you release this course. Thanks man and keep it up..!!!

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