• 4.7( 60 REVIEWS )

    Learn how to mix professional EDM vocals. Transform your vocals with EQ, compression, reverb, delay and the best kept secrets.

  • 4.6( 48 REVIEWS )

    Learn professional EDM mastering with Fabfilter plugins. Use Pro-Q, Pro-C, Pro-L, Saturn to get amazing mastering results.

  • 4.7( 13 REVIEWS )

    Forget the talk that says you can only boost or cut 3dBs here and there, and that you shouldn’t do this or that when mastering. In this course, I’ll show you how to transform a well-produced, yet cold, lifeless mix into a hit ready for the airwaves. Mastering is not a dark, mysterious art. It’s a process that’s learned from experience and knowledge of the tools and techniques you have at your disposal. There’s no need for expensive hardware any longer – everything you need is inside your computer. What are the requirements? Headphones with good bass frequency response, or…

  • EDM Mastering With Izotope Ozone 7
    4.6( 70 REVIEWS )

    Izotope Ozone 7 is one of the best plugin suites for professional EDM mastering. Learn how to make your tracks punchy, clean, loud and clear.

  • EDM Mastering With Izotope Ozone 6
    4.8( 36 REVIEWS )

    Izotope Ozone 6 is still one of the best suite of plugins for EDM mastering. With its intuitive interface and incredible sound, it’s a great choice for your next mastering session.

  • EDM Mastering With Waves
    4.6( 31 REVIEWS )

    When it comes to EDM mastering, few names are as famous as Waves. Learn how to master your tracks to a pro level with Waves plugins.

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