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Start mastering your EDM tracks like a pro and prepare them for radio and sales. Everything is done using only the native plugins included with Ableton Live or any other DAW.

See How I Get:

  • Professional-sounding EDM masters using only Ableton Live’s native plugins.
  • Loudness, punch, depth, and clarity
  • Balanced and polished-sounding tracks

…all in an easy-to-follow course, with everything clearly explained.

Take the guesswork out of mastering your next EDM hit. Learn the techniques, tools, and tricks used by the pros to achieve a clear, punchy, loud final master of your track. This course will cover basic mastering concepts:

  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Saturation and Harmonic Exciting
  • Limiting

As well as more advanced techniques:

  • Mid/Side EQ
  • Multi-Band Dynamics
  • Parallel Compression
  • Volume Matching
  • Peak & RMS Monitoring
  • Dithering
  • Spectrum Analysis

The course is structured to help you understand the flow of the mastering process and the concepts behind each of the individual steps and techniques involved. The course should take one day to complete and will give you a comprehensive understanding of the mastering process.

If you’ve ever felt that your songs don’t stand up to commercially-released tracks in terms of clarity, punch, loudness and power, or you desire a deeper understanding of the mastering process, this course is for you. What makes this course unique is that you’re shown the mastering process using the native plugins included with Ableton Live,


Course Requirements:

  • Ableton Live
  • Headphones with good bass frequency response, or studio monitors
  • Pen and Paper

Course Curriculum

Critical Listening – Figuring Out What To Do And Why 00:07:00
Mastering Notes – Identifying Issues And Setting Goals 00:04:00
Mid Side EQ – A Superb Technique For Creating Width And Depth 00:10:00
EQ Continued – Cleaning Problem Frequencies, Adding Clarity and Punch 00:06:00
Glue Compression – Adding Thickness and Presence 00:05:00
Peak Compression – Precise Peak Control for More Loudness and Headroom 00:12:00
Multiband Compression – Controlling Low-Mid Peaks and Muddy Frequencies 00:06:00
Saturation – Adding Richness and Warmth Using Harmonic Distortion 00:10:00
Parallel Compression – Your Secret Weapon For Power and Punch 00:11:00
Limiting – How To Get Maximum Loudness Without Distortion 00:06:00
Dithering 00:03:00
The Mastered Song And Important Take Aways 00:05:00

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  1. Juan David ArbelaezApril 9, 2019 at 4:21 pmReply


    Great course. Quick and to the point.
    Wish the final mastering effects rack was available as a download?
    Any chance to get it?

  2. 4.5

    Clear and simple! Great for beginners!

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