The Two Faces of Great Sounding Tracks

Want the “secret” to amazing tracks?  Then please allow me to give you some advice that you need to hear …

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6 EDM Production Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Producing a great track is not easy.  Ones who do put together a great track understand that things have to …

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Using Reverb to Put an Instrument in its Own Space

There are so many ways you can use reverb in electronic dance music.  Most people people think of reverb as …

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How To Get Massive Sounding Kick Drums With One Little Tweak

Nov 1,16by Fuad Murad

How would you like to clean up the bottom end, fit the kick and bass together and tighten up your kick …

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How To Master Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Sep 22,16by Fuad Murad

In all my years of teaching electronic music production, there’s nothing I get asked about more than mastering.  I understand …

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Why Mixing & Mastering On Headphones May Be Your Best Option

We all know how important a good monitoring environment is for achieving great sounding mixes and masters.  We also know …

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