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Who is Beat Tweaks For?

Beat Tweaks started out as a resource for beginner EDM producers looking to become professional producers.  We believe in helping aspiring EDM producers compete with the big boys.

​Everything you've ever wanted to know all in one place

  • ​How can I produce an EDM track?
  • ​How do I design great sounds?
  • ​How do I pick the right samples?
  • What plugins do I need?
  • How do I make my tracks sound big, loud and professional?
  • How do I get new fans and followers?
  • How do I release my music and get signed?

Jeff Thompson

​Music Producer

​Beat Tweaks is a game changer!  Finally there's a website that provides the customized help I need in order to achieve the quality of production I want.

Or if you have any other questions about electronic dance music production, then Beat Tweaks is the place to be.

At Beat Beat Tweaks you will find a:

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Beat Tweaks is full of great resources to help you become the best producer you can possibly be.

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