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Are you struggling to create professional EDM tracks that are arranged, mixed and mastered to perfection no matter how many courses you watch and how hard you try?

Beat Tweaks provides the very best courses, products and content designed to make a real difference to your music career.

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Our mission is to provide an amazing experience from the very first time someone visits our website, all the way through to becoming a subscriber, taking our courses, or becoming a member.  

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Our EDM production blog is packed with content to help producers take their projects to the next level.  We post new articles and videos on a regular basis with general advice, tips and tricks to help EDM producers become pros.

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Every course, video, product or article we create is created based on feedback from students, visitors and fans.  Our purpose is to make sure we solve your problems and provide products and services you truly want.

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Our Story

Beat Tweaks was founded in 2014 by a passionate teacher and mixing/mastering fanatic Fuad Murad

Fuad Murad

Every Fuad knows about EDM production comes from many years of creating his own music and mixing and mastering tracks for other producers.

For him, failing over and over again was just part of the journey. He tried to learn and improve after each time he failed.

As he tried to figure out the techniques and concepts behind EDM production, mixing and mastering became his true passion.

Fuad is relentless in his efforts to improve and share his knowledge and expertise with other people, and this truly shines through in every course he creates.

Having been a singer, rapper and dabbled with making hip hop beats, he was eager to do more.

However, he had no knowledge of music production or audio engineering.

How Beat Tweaks Was Born

It all started in 2010 when Fuad decided to get back into music after years of hiatus.  With work and the pressures of everyday life taking up most of his time, he needed something to channel his creativity into.

Around the same time, he was introduced to electronic dance music by his older brother and later discovered the magical sounds of Deadmau5.  It was love at first sound.

Eventually, he become so fascinated with the genre that he started reading up on how it was made and was surprised to discover that all he needed were laptop and some software.

Eventually, he become so fascinated with the genre that he started reading up on how it was made and was surprised to discover that all he needed were laptop and some software.

He immersed himself in the music and spent years learning about how electronic dance music was made and became particularly interested in mixing and mastering and the technical aspects of production.

During that early learning phase, he also joined several online forums and communities where he exchanged knowledge and ideas and eventually became a go-to guy for answers about EDM production, mixing and mastering.

It was to his surprise that many online courses, blogs and resources failed to provide a complete and thorough understanding of the subject, especially for beginners.  It was very frustrating for him when he trying to learn.

This was the main reason for creating Beat Tweaks.  He saw that many producers were struggling with the learning curve involved in producing EDM and that many of them even stopped producing music after a while.

His purpose became to de-mystify EDM production, learn all the tricks and techniques that the pros refuse to teach, and pass that knowledge on to other producers with absolutely no filters.

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