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Courses, coaching and resources designed to help you produce, mix and master professional quality EDM tracks using any software. 


I've gone from a beginner to releasing music through Armada music.  I owe a lot of that to the knowledge and personalized attention at Beat Tweaks .  I always get the best feedback and can even make suggestions for new courses and videos.

Limerant Producer/Musician

Ways To Learn


Clear, concise, easy to follow and professional EDM production, mixing and mastering courses designed to give you a complete understanding of how EDM production actually works.  


The Beat Tweaks blog is packed with article and videos that were created based on feedback from students and designed to solve your production problems.


Get a personal instructor, access all Beat Tweaks courses, download exclusive resources and plugins and more when you join the Beat Tweaks Academy.   

Great explanations while keeping it simple. Great for beginners to intermediate software users to start their EDM production.

Juan Gabriel Rivera Producer/Musician